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Posted by Lamonsters on September 15, 2013 at 5:35 AM

Hi UT Fans! Here is another installment of our monthly news letter. It has been almost four months since the creation of this site and I think that overall we did a good job. Alot of time, money and effort went into building this structure we call UT and we appreciate all the kind hands that helped make this site what it is today. We may not be crushing Yaoi Haven (yet), but we are on our way to becoming very reputable because we all love roleplaying (not just sexy pictures; we like those too). So I appreciate the staff and the members that made this all possible.


Now on to the news, I have decided that we are not having an event this month for the site. Our next event will be in october for haloween. We will be having a big party on the roof of the Apato. I'll give you more details on that as it comes up. So what the hell are you supposed to do on the site?


Well there are two things you can do: (1) There a shota artist competition that has started on the site. Im so sorry it wasnt announced officially sooner. Fifer just kinda ran with the idea and I've been busy with my new job. So yes there is a contest. How does it work? Well what you do is go to RPC Forums and post your vote. This week it's Po-Ju versus Coolplay. There is even a whole graph model thingy too see:!/e4c2785e7b225


Fifer made this thing super legit. Anyways, each round runs till Saturday. On the RPC forums you can vote and look at the sexy sample pictures as well. I cant wait to see who wins.


(2) We will be comming up with a new forum RP on the mainsite. Me and the team will be looking at something that would be fun and worthwhile to run. If you were at the camping trip event, you know i like to RP on the wild WTF just happened side. So that is why were not having an event till the end of October. If you hate forum RP then you dont have to participate. Stick to your IM and Chatbox. That wont count against you for member participation. I just know that a lot of our members like to do it forum style. And my last Forum RP group that ran such a good game vanished. So I am deciding that we pick up the slack. So look forward to that. Now if you really want to do an event on the site and dont want to wait till October then put in an event request and run your own event. That's what Fifer did. He had a better turn out then our last site event. lol Don't be shy now folks.


In other news, you will notice that our staff has shrunk. I fired some people. Thats the blunt way to put it. Not that they were bad or anything but they were just inactive. Doesnt mean they are not welcome here. But honestly I need people to do their job. So there will be some shuffling of assignments for different staff members and new positions will be opening up. So if you are interested. Email me. I will be putting up the wanted list right after I reorganize some things.


Also just so you know, INACTIVITY AUDITS DO EXIST. So if you are not an active member then I suggest you become active or you may lose your membership. Not that you cant have it back. :D I'm not banning you. Just making sure that all of our members are enjoying the site. How fustrated would you be if you were trying to find an RP partner and everyone that you contacted didnt answer? Be pretty damn pissed right. Now being active does not mean the you Role play. You could join the site and not even create a character. But you must be doing something on the site. Filling out your profile is one of the first things I look for when deciding whether a member is inactive or not. Second is a profile picture. So I suggest that be your first priority. Third thing I look for is when you joined the site Versus when you last made a comment in the forums. If you have never made a comment on a post and youve been on the site for three months, 90 percent of the time you are getting deleted. lol So keep that in mind.


Hmmm...lets there anything else... I cant think of anything so I will tell you this. I love all my members and I can't wait to see you on the site as always. Oh and feel free to add me on Skype. We have a group chat for elite members goin that is kinda cool. So if you are an active member you could join our little ragtag group.


Oh! One more thing. Don't forget to add us on Facebook and Tumblr. Those links are on the home page. If you are not a fan of explicit material please dont add us on Tumblr. lol But our facebook pagee is all clean and prim for you.


IF you have any questions comments or concerns, either email us or post it in the proper section on the Main site forums. WEll that all folks. ill leave you with a cute picture. Love you all.





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