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Posted by Lamonsters on October 7, 2013 at 6:45 PM

For the month of October we were thinking about featuring Loli on the site. Buutttt I changed my mind. In after thought, it didnt make sense because the marketing isnt there yet. Also, being that it is October, we will be having a little frightfilled event. Haloween is one of the few times in the year you can actually dress up. So we will be putting on a costume party. Your goal will be to come up with the most badass costume. Who ever gets first place gets a prize that will be shipped to you. No joke. It will be judged by all of the moderators and admins that attend. It will not be money! I am not Oprah. But, It will not be like a fake prize. This is a legit prize that will be mailed to you in real life. If you win and live outside the US we will have to talk lol. May the best costume win. This is kinda a trial run on the prize thing and yes this is coming out of my own pocket. So I encourage all of you to attend.


So next up on the list: inactivity. Maybe I am being too harsh on the inactivity treatment so we will be stepping back off of it. That doesnt mean that its non existant. No, we are not going to send any more inactivity info through newsletters. Now that all that information is in the rules section of the site there is no need to labor down our Newsletter with such crappy information.


Also we will be changing up the site for the Autumn. Yay Autumn pix on both RPC and the Main site.


Hmm what else? Oh so Sunday the 27th from 12 pm to 12 am will be the event day. Although the event wont start till about seven, if you wanna check in with your character you can. Just incase you dont make it. I'll have more details for you in the event reminder and on site as the date gets closer.


Ichiban school is not going as planned. lol It is a little slow. But thats a forum RP for ya. IF you have any ideas at all for a forum RP or even a chat RP please post in the forums under the proper forum section. Remember that in order for characters to get a room you must use the forums. Some of you try to use other means like email or Skype. The reasons why certian sections exist is so I can keep track of it better. I have a forgetful mind so it would be wise to use the forum channels rather then through skype because 10 minutes later I will probably forget. Its nothing against you its just me not you.


Well I cant think of anything else. Please dont forget to contact us with any questions in the forums. We are starting to advertise with certian loli/ yuri groups so hopefully we'll get more traffic on that side of the site.


Oh and if your interested in any of those positions listed at the top of the home page please email us.


One last thing: PLEASE PLEASE remember to vote for favorite Shota artist. Check the home page for more details.


Love all my members as all ways. I look forward to seeing you on the site and at the event.

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