Unintendencies Group Chat

Please note that this is an official Chat group for the site. It is on Skype. If you do not have Skype, you will not be able to join. 

Please following the following steps:

-Log into Skype. If you do not have Skype it only takes a few moments to set up an account.

-Once logged in you will have to send this person a friend request: [email protected]

-Once you do that you will copy the link below:


-Now you send the link to the contact.

-Last but not least you click on the link you just sent in the chat window. It will take you directly there. If you have any trouble feel free to send the new contact you made a message. He will clear things up for you

Oops! This site has expired.

If you are the site owner, please renew your premium subscription or contact support.